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Mui Ne Travel. Mui Ne Village is located in the Binh Thuan Province in southeast Vietnam. Mui Ne means “point of hiding” or “Hiding Cape” and got its name from the many fishing boats seeking shelter from the strong storms hitting Mui Ne. Mui Ne Beach, or Ham Tien is a beautiful tropical beach located near the fishing village. Strong sea breezes makes it a popular spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Over the last couple of years the tourist industry in Mui Ne has blossomed as many foreigners now come to enjoy the culture, the beaches and the great food of southern Vietnam.

  • How To Get To Mui Ne From Ho Chi Minh

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    The Easy Ways getting to Mui Ne from Ho Chi Minh City and Saigon airport

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  • Mui Ne sand dunes how to get there?

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    How to get to Mui Ne sand dunes from Nguyen Dinh Chieu street or Hon Rom beach.

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  • Best Area To Stay in Mui Ne

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    Mui Ne was a fishing village on an isolated stretch of beach where adventurous travellers camped on the sand. It has since morphed into a string of beach resorts which have come to form one long coastal strip.

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  • Sand Sculpture Park Forgotten Land at Phan Thiet

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    Sand Sculpture Park Forgotten Land at Phan Thiet opening from 29/01/2017. Park location: from Phan Thiet University 200 meters away, on Nguyen Thong street, Phu Hai Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province

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  • Mui Ne Potential And Opportunities

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    Once you have a viable strategic plan for investment in Vietnam, once you have selected a reliable local partner, how to find specific investment opportunities and implement them most effective?

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  • Bong Lai Valley (Suoi Tre Mui Ne) - Red Canyon Mui Ne

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    You can approach Red canyon in an open jeep, going inside the Red canyon you can walk around and take nice photos.

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  • Phu Quy Island - The pristine island in Binh Thuan

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    Phu Quy island (also known as Cu Lao Thu/Thu island or Cu Lao Khoai Xu/Khoai Xu island) is located about 56 nautical miles off the coast of Binh Thuan province. Pristine, exquisite, peaceful, this place is an ideal destination for travelers, especially backpackers.

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  • Mui Ne Travel Experience Forum

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    The experience travellers of the best Vietnam travel advice and the answer related to "Mui Ne" from real travelers and local experts. Ask about an upcoming trip or vacation plans for an wonderful trip.

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  • Coco Beach Camp Lagi Ham Tan Binh Thuan Viet Nam - The pristine beach for picnic & activities

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    Coco Beach Camp Lagi Binh Thuan is one of the "hot" beaches in the summer and holidays with many unforgettable experiences that tourists might have to try once for vacation. Right on a great strip of white sand beach, with bungalows within metres of the beach. Going to sleep under a mosquito net with the sound of the waves gently plodding on the beach leads to the most restful sleep.

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  • Ca Na Beach - Diving at Hon Cau Vinh Hao Marine Protected Area

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    Reef Life Ca Na beach is located 32 km south of Phan Rang and about 100 km (2 hours by bus) from Phan Thiet. It is a stop-off for most tourist busses going between Phan Thiet and Nha Trang. Ca Na is nearest to Vinh Hao, the famous hot springs and location of the famous bottled water company.

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  • Interesting discovery of Rang Dong Wine Castle

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    Over the past nearly 20 years, Binh Thuan tourism still lacks unique tourism products to cater tourists. Fortunately, the debut of Rang Dong Wine Castle amidst the 5-star Sea Link complex made Binh Thuan tourism sector become more and more valuable.

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  • Explore Mui Ne

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    Sunset at the beach Phan Thiet, a 4-hour bus journey from Ho Chi Minh City, is a small and sleepy seaside town that has a certain quaint and colorful fishing village charm.

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  • Discover the attraction of Muine

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    There is more to Mui Ne than meets the eye of the casual observer. Tourists have the privilege to venture on paths less traveled and discover that which is rare and beautiful. We only recommend responsible guides and tour operators or make arrangements for special interest, customized tours.

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