White Lake Mui Ne

Surrounded by white sand dunes, Lotus Lake Mui Ne consists of 2 beautiful lakes located next to each other. Looking down from above, tourists will admire the spectacular immense blue lagoon along with beautiful white sand shores endlessly stretching.
Far about 62km from Phan Thiet city to the northeast and nearly 30 km from Hon Rom beach, Lotus Lake Mui Ne, also known as Bau Trang or White Lake is the only freshwater lake in Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district, Binh Thuan province. Tourists can reach Lotus Lake by two different streets: departing from Hon Rom Island along the road to Mui Ne, through Mui Ne market, Red Sand Dunes then running along the beach to Lotus Lake or going in the direction of Luong Son. Following this stretch of road, tourists will have the opportunity to admire the wonderful views along the way. One side is rolling hills, whereas the other is romantic immense sea. 
Formed from the longstanding, Lotus Lake is formerly a large lake. The locals here then dammed sand dike crossing the lake to go through. This large lake was divided into two parts: small lake and large lake. The local people called the small lake Bau Ong (Male) and the other Bau Ba (Female). Bau Ba is wider and contains much more water than Bau Ong. Bau Ba owns an area of 70ha, with the widest part of 500m and average depth of 5m with the deepest one of 19m. Setting foot on one of the most fascinating attractions in Phan Thiet as well as Binh Thuan attractions, tourists will be truly surprised by the high sand dunes catching a silvery lake under the brilliant sunshine, the pink lotus wings looming after the green leaves creating a dreamlike natural scenery.
Located among the white sand dunes, Bau Ba is thus also known as Bau Trang Lake and is commonly known by the name of Lotus Lake as today thanks to lotus covering whole lake on the blooming lotus season. The biota in Lotus Lake is extremely diverse. There are many types of freshwater fish here: snakehead, catfish, carp... The lake is surrounded by white sand with the sun and the wind favorably endowed by nature making the wonderful scenery. Seen from the sandy hill, the lake surface is mirror like smooth with pink lotus petals along with sand dunes undulating up and down, which makes tourists truly ecstatic. The Lotus Lake is completely wild and rustic. It wild and rustic features with white sand dunes and the murmur whispering waves of the sea that make Bau Trang Lake become one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Mui Ne - Phan Thiet.
Setting foot on Lotus Lake, tourists can rent a boat of fishermen to explore, take a stroll along the lake or go fishing. The water in Lotus Lake fresh cool throughout the year eases the hot atmosphere of the immense sand dunes forming the dreaming natural scenery that any tourists participating in Phan Thiet travel to the region would like to visit once. Many newly married couples enlist their honeymoon to visit Lotus Lake shooting their own unique wedding album. The photographs are among beautiful nature. It is actually difficult to find other lands favorably bestowed such much wonderful scenery than Lotus Lake. It is home to endlessly blue sea water, smooth white sand dunes, beautiful pitaya fields and fragrant lotus lake.
Conquering the hot desert and immense water surface, tourists will experience 2 kinds of special vehicles: quad biking and jeep to the top of the dunes.
The unspoiled and rustic scenery accentuates the beauty of Lotus Lake much more attractive. From the sandy hills overlooking the smooth lake surface and pink lotus, all fatigue and worries of tourists seems to vanish. The amazing nature along with interesting discoveries will bring unforgettable experiences that tourists can not miss when travelling to Mui Ne Phan Thiet Vietnam.
If you are staying at Mui Ne, take a Mui Ne jeep tour to the White Sand Dunes driving quad bike (ATV) to experience one of the most interesting activities in Mui Ne Vietnam.
Experience ATV riding at the Whites Sand Dunes Mui Ne Vietnam