Mui Ne shops

If you consider shopping to be an integral part of your holiday, the Central Market is the main place for shopping, open from morning until late afternoon. Here you can find clothes, food and useful things for your daily needs. There are some souvenirs to be found, but you”ll have to peruse and use your hunting skills. Some popular things to buy in Phan Thiet include: Nuoc Mam (fish sauce), dragon fruit, needlework, ceramic objects and Cham textiles. On your shopping excursions you will likely come across a number of things that may look exotic and tempting to buy.

Souvenirs (General) & Convenience in Mui Ne

Forester Shop
65 A Nguyen Dinh Chieu
(062) 741-317
A fine shop in an exotic setting, selling cham ceramics, crocodile leather and assorted high-quality souvenires.

Go Ahead
Go Ahead Souvenir Shop
149 Nguyen Dinh Chieu
(Opposite Kim Ngan”s Guest House)
Tel: (062) 360-8655
Fax: (062) 374-3452
Cel: (098) 387-2280
Go Ahead Souvenir Shop in Mui Ne is famous for its shell products.

Kim”s Shop 1
121 Nguyen Dinh Chieu
(062) 741-422

Kim”s Shop 2
53 Nguyen Dinh Chieu
(062) 741-338
Kim”s two stylish shops (on either end of the beach) have a broad selection of quality souvenirs and everyday items that every traveler needs like snacks, toiletries and sunscreen.

Shop Thai
29 Nguyen Dinh Chieu
(062) 741-267
Selling virtually every popular trinket and craft item from all over the country. Rigorous haggling is necessary. The marked prices are bit high.

Optics, Watersports and Beachwear in Mui Ne

Minh Hung Optics

Perscription Glasses, Sunglasses, Contact Lenses and Eye exams at four locations:

33 Tran Quoc Toan St, Phan Thiet City.
Tel: (062) 3 820 707

52 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St, Phan Thiet City.
Tel: (062) 3 720 008

19 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Ham Tien (Mui Ne Beach).
Tel: (062) 3 847 937

147 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Ham Tien (Mui Ne Beach).
Tel: (062) 3 743 743

Watersports and Beachwear

km 11.8
Surf boards, kite-boarding equipment, shorts and shirts are all on-hand. Locations at Good Morning Vietnam and Jibes.

The Beach Shop
Swiss Village Resort
Carries bathing suits, sunglasses, sandals, shorts and shirts.

117C Nguyen Dinh Chieu
(062) 743-086
Selling Ozone kite-boarding equipment and clothing. Lessons with Ozone instructors are also available.

Mui Ne Handicraft

Mui Ne Handicraft at Java Restaurant is a recent addition to the Mui Ne shopping scene. Stop by to watch deaf children create sand art or shop for hand-woven textiles with traditional Cham patterns, then get the local tailor to turn them into clothes at bargain prices.

Java Restaurant is on the road into Mui Ne, on a hill just above the town. Tel: +84 (0) 62 324-1055.

Other restaurants that also carry interesting souvenirs include The Hot Rock, which carries an eclectic selection of locally-inspired jewellery and handbags using local fabrics and traditional designs; andForester Shop, which stocks Cham ceramics, crocodile leather and assorted high-quality souvenirs.

For beachwear, try Good Morning Vietnam or Jibes.

Others Shop in Mui Ne

Several travel agencies along the strip also double as used book stores. Most have a few shelves of English books, along with a small selection in German and French. Books cost 80,000 - 100,000VND and most shops will cut the cost in half if you trade in a book.
Books (Used)

Victor Tour
Across from Full Moon
121A Nguyen Dinh Chieu
(098) 959-1599
This tour company located at Coco Café (internet cafe) has the first and largest used book selection in town.


Golden Sand Saloon Resort

81BIS Nguyen Dinh Chieu
(062) 741-277
Crocodile, Snake and stingray bags, wallets, belts and keychains

Minh Nhung Crocodile Shop
34 Nguyen Dinh Chieu
(062) 741-428
Crocodile and snake bags, wallets, belts and other items. The fixed prices are a little high but the merchandise is high-quality.

The Rock Shop
(062) 743-086
This in-house gift shop at The Hot Rock carries an eclectic selection of locally inspired hand bags and jewelry, using local fabrics and traditional designs.


Thinh & Sabine
79a Nguyen Dinh Chieu
090 993-1192
Handmade jewelry, especially sapphires in gold and silver settings.

Binh Thuan Authentic

Except for a few specially noted exceptions, all of our products are made locally, here in Binh Thuan Province, by families in their own home-enterprises. Many of these people belong to minority groups, and all are engaging in traditional craftwork. Their products are of the highest quality and cannot be purchased in shops anywhere else in the country. Their items are hand-made and unique.
These are NOT suvenire-grade. They have made an unprecidented effort to scour the province for only the best and most unique items. These are authentic products. By purchasing these items from Binh Thuan Authentic you are supporting local families and helping them maintain their intangible cultural heritage.

Pure Honey
Unlike everybody else, we don”t dilute our honey with sugar syrup. We guarantee pure honey straight from the bee keeper”s hives. Curently we have two kinds of honey available: Cashew Flower Honey and Wildflower Honey. Coffee Flower Honey will be available soon. 

Minority Baskets (Backpacks)
We are happy to stock baskets make by K”ho (Koho), Rai, Rag Lai and Churu minorities. Each minority has its own distinct style of basket weaving. These baskets are worn on the backs of men and women as they work in the forest, scavenging for food and resources. This is a very unique item, never available for retail before. This is because families traditionally make these baskets themselves, in their own home--for their own personal use. These items are purchased directly from the minority families in their remote villages. 

Rice Cake Candies
Our rice cake candies are made by hand by a family living in their 200-hundred-year-old home in Phan Thiet. The indredients are entirely natural--rice, sugar and dried fruit. Contact us to order.

Cham Textiles
Our Cham textiles are made on traditional looms, displaying traditional Cham designs. These fabrics are made in Binh Thuan Province, NOT in Phan Rang. 

Hand-taylored Cham Clothing
The fabrics in our hand-taylored cloths are produced on looms here in Binh Thuan province. They are not produced in Phan Rang. Clothing is of the finest quality, with wooden toggle buttons and traditional patterns and designs. Contact us to order.

Cham Pottery
Our Cham pottery is hand-made in local villages around Binh Thuan Province. The Cham people are renowned for their pottery skills, and highly sought throughout Vietnam and internationally. The tradition extends back for more than 1000 years, and similar designs have been found in excavations around Cham towers, as those still produced today. Contact us to order.

Also available: Cham ethnic costumes, Ethnic minority language-learning materials, local embroydery with scenes from Binh Thuan Province, Fisherman”s baskets, and natural candies made from local fruits and grains. Contact us for more information.

Markets in Mui Ne

If you consider shopping to be an integral part of your holiday, the Central Market is the main place for shopping, open from morning until late afternoon. Here you can find clothes, food and useful things for your daily needs. There are some souvenirs to be found, but you’ll have to peruse and use your hunting skills.

Coop Mart
On the corner of Nguyen Tat Thanh and Tran Hung Dao in Phan Thiet, the 3 floors include a grocery store, numerous bakeries, souvenir and jewelry shops, a Fahasa book store, food court, and Lotteria fast food restaurant. A new movie theater screening American films in English is planned for 2009.

Mui Ne Village Market
The market at Mui Ne Cape sells lots of fresh fruit and inexpensive clothing. Best times to visit are early in the morning.

Phan Thiet Central Market
This market is the largest in Binh Thuan province. You’ll find some of the best fish sauce and cheapest dragon fruit in the country here. Other specialties include cashew and coconut candies, dried seafood, and sand paintings.

Rang Market
This little market at the center of Mui Ne Beach serves the community of Ham Tien, and is open from sunrise to 10.30am. It’s a great place to eat breakfast and buy fresh fruit, locally made banana and sesame candies, coconut cakes and peanut brittle.