Dalat One Day City Tour

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Dalat Nature and City tour 
Tour pick up time: 8:00am and finnish about 4:00 pm
Robin Hill: See the city from above. take pictures of panoramic views of the city.
Truc Lam Monastery: A meditate monastery where local people come to practice meditation and pray for the good things.
Tuyen Lam Lake: The largest lake in Dalat. Which is romantic with the green view in the morning of some fog fall down. Locals call this lake " the lake of Paradise"
Datanla Waterfall: Go by roller coaster down a hill to visit the hidden waterfall behind the leaves of the rainforest. Not powerful but nice with water gently fall down like a beautiful girl hair.
Bao Dai King’s Summer Palace: The last-king palace. he used to work in the summertime. Visit the place to know more of our history and listen to many interesting stories of the King
Dalat Flower Garden: See thousands of flower kinds and take thousands more beautiful photos 
XQ Historical Village: Vietnamese traditional art. where they embroider pictures from silk by skillful hands, to depict aspects of life and nature.
Doman De Marie Church: Locals call it the cherry church. it was built with a unique architecture. A meaningful place for helping disablable children for a sewing job.
In the morning: You can enjoy the cool air in the morning at RoBin Hill, see the total view of the Dalat City and enjoy the miraculous sight of the pine forest which stretches down to the South. 
After taking some pictures of this, you can take the cable car descending down 2300 meters with the nice view of agriculture, vegetable fields in the pine-forested valley and keep going visit to Tuyen Lam Lake
Surrounding by pine forest, Tuyen Lam Lake looks like a paradise with fog in the morning nearby the Truc Lam Monastery, well known as the biggest Zen University in Viet Nam. which is built on the top of Phoenix Hill with very quiet scenery beside of beautiful flower garden.
Keep driving southward, you can visit the Datanla waterfall with a magnificent view and can try to approach the waterfall by a roller coaster. 
On the way back to Dalat City, we will visit the Bao Dai King’s Summer Palace, the last emperor”s house and unique cultural lifestyle of Vietnamese through Royal decoration, the meaningful historical place of your Dalat trip.
Lunch time: at a local restaurant. our guide will introduce. or you can choose a place you intended for meal.
In the afternoon: We continue our trip to Da Lat Flower Garden (formed in 1966) is famous for the paradise of flowers with a rich collection of local and foreign flower kinds: chives, azaleas, bird of paradise, roses, impatiens, hydrangeas, orchids, cactus…You can walk in bonsai park, take pictures in the colorful flower garden, riding a horse or using the swan pedal boat, stroll along the romantic lakeside.
If you love artwork, XQ Embroidery village (XQ Historical Village) this is the head and original hand embroidered works of XQ in Vietnam, it is a worthy place to see many miraculous hand-made embroidery works and find out how they make those fantastic artworks, you will be surprised and admired the charming ladies working here.
After that. we visit Doman De Marie Church. A special and unique building.

From 1 - 2 pax: US$ 105 / whole trip for the group up to 5 people  (the price is per group, not per pax)

From 3 - 5 pax: US$ 115 / whole trip for the group up to 5 people  (the price is per group, not per pax)

From 6 - 13 pax: US$ 135 / whole trip for the group of 6 people  (the price is per group, not per pax)

  Private car pick up and drop at your hotel or anywhere you want in the City (pick up from the airport: extra payment: 20 USD).
  All toll fees, gasoline, driver expense.
  English speaking tour guide
  Bottle of water
  Entrance fee             
  Roller Coaster (60.000vnd/ticket), Cable Car ticket (60.000vnd/ticket)
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City and flower Dalat tour.
Crazy House: Top 10 most bizarre houses in the world. It is also a hotel with 10 rooms to express the owner idea of bringing architecture getting close by nature.
King’s Summer Palace: Residence of the last King Bao Dai in Dalat, Visit to know more about Vietnam history, The last king life with his family during that time in Dalat
XQ Embroidery Village: Embroidery is a traditional work of Every woman in Vietnam, But with XQ village, they upgrade them to be an Art, Which combining between light, music hand work to describe life aspects
Old French Train Station: The building is a perfect combination between Art deco Style and The Dalat Nature with the shape of The highest ( Lang Biang) mountain in Dalat, was built from 1932 the building is vintage and famous at the oldest, highest and most beautiful train station in Indochina
Domain De Marie Church: A Saint De Paul convent, This place only allow nuns to stay, and they help young students, Who are hard of hearing for some job like sewing and weaving sweater
Flower Garden: A display hundreds of flower kinds. Which are domestic and also were imported from other countries, The place offer opportunities for beautiful photos.
Linh Phuoc Pagoda: Ceramic pagoda, With many interesting to see, The pagoda is holding more than 11 national records.
Price: Contact
  Private car pick up and drop at your hotel or anywhere you want in the City (pick up from the airport: extra payment: 20 USD).
  All toll fees, gasoline, driver expense.
  English speaking tour guide
  Bottle of water
  Entrance fee             
Historical and cultural tour.
Langbiang Mountain: The highest mountain in Southern Vietnam. From the Height of 1929 meters at the Rada Peak, you 
Lat Minority Village: Take a look around the village with typical activities of Lach people, let’s get into the coffee plantation, enjoy Arabica coffee and learn how to make traditional handicraft of the local.
XQ Embroidery Art Village: See masterpieces of silk, All the Pictures were embroidered by hands, They use special methods to combine the colors, Visit to learn our traditional works.
Da Lat Old Railway Station ( National Heritage): It”s known for a unique cog railway to climb up the high mountain in Dalat. The train is beautiful with its vintage French architecture, it still running for a short distance for you to experience the feeling 
Valley Of Love: Many types of flower around a lake, It is nice for a couple to visit.
French Corner: French architecture area. Visit it to see how beautiful they are and have a look back to the Vietnam history.
Price: Contact
  Private car pick up and drop at your hotel or anywhere you want in the City (pick up from the airport: extra payment: 20 USD).
  All toll fees, gasoline, driver expense.
  English speaking tour guide
  Bottle of water
  Entrance fee             
  Jeep car to the top of LangBiang
Nature and Cultural Tour
Valley Of Love (A beautiful place with flowers and nature, It is just perfect for a new married couple)
Flower Forest Company: They use Japanese technique to dry the flower, Which you can buy to offer your lover. It can last for 2 years.
Van Hanh Pagoda With Gold Buddha: A monastery for meditation practicing, Van Hanh Monastery can be seen from far away by its huge golden Buddha.
Baodai Sumer Palace ( The palace of the last Vietnamese King). He used to stay here for working and hunting, The palace was built in French architecture, located on a pine forest hill. 
Lam Dong Ethnic Museum: Understand more about history, geology, people, and culture in Dalat
Domaine Demarie Church ( The Cherry Church): Local call it " Cherry Church ", Because of every morning it”s shining by the sun, because it was painted in pink color.
Weasel Coffee Farm ( The most expensive coffee in the world): Weasel or Coppi Luwak or civet cat coffee is one of the most expensive coffee in the world, visit to try and see how the local here making it.
Price: Contact
  Private car pick up and drop at your hotel or anywhere you want in the City (pick up from the airport: extra payment: 20 USD).
  All toll fees, gasoline, driver expense.
  English speaking tour guide
  Bottle of water
  Entrance fee             
Dalat Famous Shooting Spots Tour
Visit places:
Tuyet Tinh Coc, Garden hydrangeas, Secret Garden, Ecotourism Hoa Son Dien Trang, The Juice Bar - Sunny Farm, Lam Vien Square and DOHA Cafe. 
Description of the famous shooting spots
Tuyet Tinh Coc
Known as The Hidden Paradise of Dalat, Tuyet Tinh Coc has the charming and pristine beauty with unique shooting angles. The highlight of this place is a large lake with clear water that has exotic green jade color. Upstanding walls of rock are colorful, full of shapes surround the lake and reflect shadow in water makes the scene more fanciful.
The way to Tuyet Tinh Coc is quite difficult, we will stop at the intersection of the paved road and the path;from here, you will transfer by jeep 7 km on the trail to the location of Tuyet Tinh Coc. Jeep fee is from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND/person depending on the season. In return, you will have a great space to take pictures with fabulous angles: pine forest, green grass, high rock overlooking the lake, swings, colorful cliffs, artistic dry tree…
Garden hydrangeas
Hydrangea is a very famous flower in Dalat, which is grown by many farmers for cut flowers. However, the most beautiful and largest hydrangea farm is located in Xuan Tho Commune. Come here, you will be immersed in a flower space of more than 2 hectares with countless hydrangea flowers blooming with incredible size due to the cool climate of the area. Hydrangea flower can be changed color according to the PH level of soil, some common colors such as blue, white, purple, red, pink….
In addition, the garden owner also grows cosmos flower and sunflowers depending on the season. It is very suitable for young people who want to have fantastic photos; many couples also choose this spot as a place for wedding photo shooting with natural landscapes as in Europe.
Secret Garden
The Secret Garden is located in the area of Tuyen Lam Lake, which has long been famous for its wonderful natural beauty. This place looks like a fairytale garden with different backgrounds for photography. There are countless dreaming corners for you to take picture, every small corner is cared and decorated meticulously, the art items are arranged in an artistic way in harmony with nature.
A winding wooden way leading to the mysterious jungle, tree-lined rows are filled in flower, a small boat on the clear blue water, lovely little bungalows hidden in the pine forest, miraculous dry trees on the lake, simple tents, or swings… are the places, where you can poses for the shimmering and magical photos.
Hoa Son Dien Trang Ecotourism
This spot is located in the primeval forest covered by fog with many species of ancient tree, gibbons, monkeys and many rare birds. The flower gardens in Hoa Son Dien Trang are carefully maintained, highlight sare the cherry blossom garden with more than 4,000 trees brought from Japan and the rose garden with strange flowers collected from all over the country of Vietnam.
The bungalows hide under the jungle, the giant hand towards the mountains, the clear and blue water, or the small waterfall… all creates a unique landscape painting and bring beautiful angles for photo shooting.
The Juice Bar – Sunny Farm
Sunny Farm is both a homestay and a beautiful coffee shop. In the Juice Bar – Sunny Farm, there are small houses designed with modern material as colorful plastic tarpaulin with three transparent sides, being on the middle of the hill. The small canvas tents, swings and sitting positions are all overlooking the flower village of Thai Phien and Dalat city makes this spot become one of the most beautiful and unique coffee shops in Dalat. The drinks of Sunny Farm are very good with cheap price, average from 25,000 VND to 30,000 VND/item.
Lam Vien Square and DOHA Cafe
Lam Vien Square is located in the central area of Dalat city, next to Xuan Huong Lake. There are two famous architectural works: the yellow building symbolizes sunflower and the green building symbolizes flower buds. Many people imagine the green building looks like a rose bud or an artichoke flower.
Currently, the green building is used as DOHA Cafe Restaurant & Bar with a diverse and attractive menu. The inside space is luxurious and unique with blue glass roofs bring natural light into the interior. Standing on the square, you can see the scenic view of Xuan Huong Lake next to the green golf course.
Price: Contact
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  English speaking tour guide
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