Hot Air Balloons At Mui Ne

A truly unique experience, even for those flying balloons - riding over open sea or desert lake.
Depending on the wind direction, we shall fly hot air balloon either from the centre of Phan Thiet city, or close to infamous white sand dunes - the driest place in Vietnam. In both cases, after the flight our cars will transport you back to your hotel or other place in the city. The whole adventure will take 3 - 4 hours. The flight itself shall take around 1 hour.
Flight from Phan Thiet city centre:
We will start our journey from the central square of Phan Thiet city. The hot air balloon will gently carry us over the buzzing streets of rising city, and the river, where small fishing boats are resting in the rising sun. We will approach the sea shore, and if the winds are favourable, we will even fly a part of our journey over the sea itself. It is only one of the two places in the world that we know of where such adventure is possible! As we will head back towards the land, we will witness rural life of locals, and land in serendipious fields about 15 kilometres from the city.
Flight from Mui Ne area over white sand dunes:
We will lift off in rural area, and you will see farmers working in the fields, and cattle grazing dry grass. The Mars-like colour of the landscape shall soon be contrasted by white sand dunes with shining diamond in the middle: a desert lake. A huge statue of Buddha shall wish us well as the hot air balloon passes by. All this, combined with nearing seashore, gives and impression of the most unusual place indeed. As if we were visiting a different planet.
​5AM: pickup from your hotel or other place the city
6AM: start of flight
7AM: landing, initiation ceremony for the first-time flyers
8AM: transportation back
Dont forget:
Wear convenient casual non-synthetic clothes
Bring on cameras together with protective cases
Bring on your hats and caps
US$ 165 / pax
Price includes:
Transport from and to hotel or other place in the city
The flight
Light breakfast after landing
Certificate of the Hot Air Balloon flyer
Special occasions​:
Appart from flying adventurous passengers and couples, we also rent whole hot air balloon for special occasions: 
Birthday parties in the air
Weddings in the clouds
Corporate events above competition
Experience your hot air balloon flight with Vietnam Balloons Mui Ne Phan Thiet
This is the FIRST and ONLY free-flying hot air balloon service in Vietnam with the team of internationally recognized professional pilots to ensure absolute safety for our passengers
Free-flying along the wind for 20-25 km but still feel the balance as though you are gently walking in the air
View the beautiful scenery of the coastal Phan Thiet city at dawn with the clear blue sea, vast sand dunes, Ca Ty river crowded by fishing boats or the hilltops covered in green plants from 300m altitude
Full service with traditional post-flight celebration and certificate for our hot air balloon passengers under the certification of Vietnam Balloons.
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