Bai Da Ong Dia Beach

Ong Dia rock beach or “Bai Da Ong Dia” beach is located about 10 kilometers from the center of Phan Thiet city. As a beautiful beach, this place attracts a lot of people everyday. Locals and tourists consider Ong Dia rock beach as an ideal place for sightseeing, taking photos, swimming, kite surfing, sitting with friends and their loved ones and enjoying their free time.
Ong Dia beach means the “Earth God” beach according to the belief of Vietnamese. Legend has it that in the old days, local fishermen and their families used to walk back and forth between their villages and the port or the markets, and they often stoped to rest in this area.
When these people saw the big rock that looks like their God of Earth here, they believed that the Earth God appear to help them. For this reason, they considered “him” as their God of Earth “Ong Dia”, and local people came to him prayed for favourable weather, good harvest and prosperous life.
Today, the magical rock is no longer there, but right next to the beach, local people have made a small shrine with a statue of “Ong Dia” inside to continue to worship their beloved sacred God.
Ong Dia rock beach is located by Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, half way between Mui Ne – capital of resort and Phan Thiet city. It’s a beautiful seaside with some rocks, concrete breakwater, a long sidewalk with romantic coconut trees and benches for visitors. You will easily recognize this spacious beach side when you get there.
While many people come to this beach to swim and frolic with the sea waves, many others come to relax, enjoy fresh air, sea breezes, beautiful scenes and then take some photos. Female even put on beautiful dresses going there to get the most beautiful and impressive pictures.
For those who love surface water sports, like jetski, surfing, kite surfing and wind surfing, Ong Dia rock beach is also an ideal destination. Many professional and amateur surfers come here every day to enjoy sea waves, practice their skills and perform difficult moves. Although most of them are foreigners, they seem to be very familiar with this place.