Quad biking in Mui Ne

Quad biking around the white sand dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam. ATV rental Mui Ne is definitely a side of Vietnam that is unknown to almost all overseas tourists. A hightlight to your trip to Mui Ne, the sand dunes are definitely a highlight not be missed, when visiting the province of Binh Thuan.

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Sand Dunes Mui Ne like a mini Sahara desert of sorts, and the best way to explore them is via a quad bike or a 4-wheel drive. To experience driving a quad bike when you plan a trip to Sand Dunes Mui Ne. You can hire quad bikes to ride up and down the dunes.
Quad bike for rent :
20 minutes :   20 US$
30 minutes :   25 US$ 
60 minutes :   45 US$ 
Contact us to rent a quad bike in advance if you plan for an excursion to white sand dunes .
Mr. Tuan telephone: (+84)933 565 263 / (+84)90 8735 216. Or by email : info@muine-explorer.com

>  Reservation for Mui Ne sand dunes jeep tour will be more convenient for ATV rental

Contact us to rent a quad bike in advance if you plan for an excursion to white sand dunes .
Mr. Tuan telephone: (+84) 933 565 263  or by email : info@muine-explorer.com

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  • VERY disappointed customer (22-02-2017) Reply
    TOURISTS BEWARE!! These people are con artists! They only list the prices for their WORST quads online. If you want to ride anything better than an ancien quad only appropriate for a child, you will have to pay twice or more than the prices listed above. My partner is Vietnamese so there was not even a language barrier to cause any misunderstandings. I can only imagine how they would treat someone who doesnt speak the language. I”d suggest skipping this activity all together as most of what you will see anyway is littered with all the trash that the locals just throw all over the place. The amount of trash in the area is truly staggering. The men at the entrance of the sand dunes wouldn”t even refund our parking money after we left without staying to ride the quads. I couldn”t have been more disappointed with the lack of professionalism and couth practiced by this whole establishment.
  • Rolland (11-12-2016) Reply
    hello, We”d like to book a quad trip as soon as possible to see the white sand/Mui né area, we re two adults with motorbike experiences. We re stayin at Champa resort in Phan tiet so could you let me know your availabiliies for the next days and how much will it cost, we re very flexible on our schedule. Thank you thibault rolland
  • Gia Khang (18-06-2016) Reply
    một số nhân viên ko dc thân thiện lắm chửi vs xưng hô mày tao vs khách
    • Muine Explorer (15-07-2016)
      Chào anh Khang, Hai Tuan Travel chân thành cảm ơn phản hồi của anh về dịch vụ moto đia hình ở đồi cát trắng Mũi Né. Rất lấy làm tiếc vì có 2 điểm cho thuê dịch vụ moto địa hình tại đồi cát nên không biết anh Khang đã thuê moto bên dịch vụ nào. Có thể anh thuê trực tiếp không gọi đặt trước nên công ty không kiểm soát được. Nếu anh du lịch đến Mũi Né lần sau vui lòng liên hệ trước các dịch vụ với Hai Tuan Travel để được hỗ trợ tốt hơn anh nhé. Rất hân hạnh được phục vụ anh tốt nhất có thể. Trân trọng.
  • Krystal (07-02-2015) Reply
    Hello! Is it possible to do ATV tour for the sand dunes on March 4th? Thank you!
  • Miki (11-01-2014) Reply
    Hello, Tomorrow I would like to rent a quad? Where are you located? Also I would like to sand board. Can you help with that? Miklos


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