Fairy Stream Mui Ne

About 18 km of North East Phan Thiet, visitors will meet an extremely romantic poetic place that is Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien). Fairy Stream is situated in a nice place, one side of Fairy Stream is white and red sand dunes intermixing together, another side are rows of shading coconut palms, lines of trees with luxuriant leaves. All of these things create a poetic and charming stream.
The water stream of Fairy Stream has the red color from the sunlight and from the red sand in the bottom of the stream. The stream has the source from the mountain side around Ham Tien about 6m high and the destination to the sea. This has made Fairy Stream become a dreamlike area. Come to Fairy Stream, visitors also have the chance to rejoice in breathing the sweet scented field of pomelo flower and lemon flower.
The green lines of coconut palms will bring you to the world of pureness. The oxygen stream spreads out from coconut leaves will lead visitors go to ecstasy. Along the stream, you can have the opportunity to contemplate imposing mountain and hill. The most beautiful scene of this place makes many people feel unforgettable and passionating.

The intermixing white and red sand hills come from nature evolving the treasure that no other place has. Once hitting Fairy Stream, visitors can not skip enjoying GIONG dish, a traditional dish of sea territory. The GIONG dish can be cooked or processed in variety ways such as baking over a fire, frying, roasting, grilling, cook with coconut. This also makes visitor once coming to Fairy Stream can not help visiting and hope to be back again.

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