Hon Rom Beach Mui Ne

Hon Rom beach is one of the most stunning attractions in Mui Ne. Hon Rom is not an offshore island in Mui Ne with turquoise water, smooth sandy beaches and azure sky. Coming to this island, tourists will have unforgettable experiences.
Hon Rom island is a name of an untouched small mountain located in Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City. This is seen as an island as it connects to the mainland by a narrow strip of sand. It is about 28 km from Phan Thiet City. The area features with towering mountains surrounding over 17-km beach, yellow sand and green lush coconut trees. Beach in Hon Rom Island is one of the most crowded ones in Mui Ne, contributing to the development of Phan Thiet tourism.
The name of Hon Rom originates from the image of this island seen from afar. In dry season, a special grass in mountains turns into yellow. Local people from offshore area see the mountains like a giant pile of dry yellow straw, thus, this island is called Hon Rom. Owing to not being untapped much, landscapes in this island retain pristine and liberal beauty of the nature. Every day, boulders in different shapes are patted by waves smoothly. In further distance, in deserts, there are low bushes and thorny cactus appearing on yellow and as smooth as velvet sand dunes.
A picturesque beach with overflowing waves, pure, unpolluted, breezy and cool water will make excursionist leave the feeling about a hot and dry season at home. In the middle of the scorching summer, if you have a chance to visit Hon Rom, you will hard to escape from its charming, fascinating sea water.
At the morning when you wake up, you will have an opportunity to contemplate the marvelous beauty of sunrise. At the evening, besides bathing in the sea, tourists can stop by sea food shops and inns to enjoy aromatic flavor of sea area with extremely attractive prices.
When the declining of a day happens is time for ones who have humorousness gather round a camp fire and singing passionate and amorous songs. With young couples, they can not miss the chance of confiding together with quiet sea, cool wind, and pure atmosphere. With those who feel like discovering things, they will have the opportunity to accompany with fishermen Hon Rom to the sea to catch fish and then enjoy it right at the boat. What could be better than that feeling, especially when you have to live in a crowded city with traffic jam happens oftenly and you have to breathe dusty smoke every day.
You must have been never forget about the time when you conquer the most marvelous and nicest sand dunes in Mui Ne. White and red sand dunes intermixing together looks like Dragon twisting in the sky, blowing to our heart appealing words. Also you can not refuse sitting in the shadow of row of coconut palm. The oxygen source spreads out from the coco leaves will make you feel cheerier, melt down the stuffiness of a dense city.
Hon Rom has warm weather year to year. Its pure weather, friendly people, pretty beach, cool water will be the most suitable and attracting place for everyone from every class in the society. Once visiting Hon Rom, visitors will have unforgettable memories.