Mui Ne Weather

Mui Ne lies in the emerging Binh Thuan Desert and is prone to drought. Onset of rainy season can bring flash flooding and extensive errosion. The rainy season is from May to October and the dry season from November to April. Dry season is the sunny season, no rain. Rainy season brings lush green foliage, and the return of birds, butterflies and other wildlife. 
Rainy Season in Mui Ne 
Rainy season in Mui Ne is between the months of April and October, when the town has an average humidity of 79%. Hour-long rainfall takes place during the afternoon and evening while flash floods and extensive erosion are known to occur especially in September.
Travellers can also enjoy various recreational activities in Mui Ne as the average temperature is about 27°C between the months of November and April. Mui Ne also receives very little rain compared to other cities in Vietnam, so wearing comfortable clothing is highly recommended during your visit.
There is little variation in sunrise, sunset and daylight hours. Sunrise is around 5:30 am and sunset around 6 pm.
Mui Ne offers the best conditions in all of Vietnam for wind/water sports. Mui Ne has an average of 227 days per year of wind over 12 knots. November through March (Dry Season) is windiest. Dry Season ranges between 18-30, with gusts up to 40 knots.
Best Time Travelling to Mui Ne
The best time to enjoy go to Mui Ne is from November to March, when skies are sunny with strong winds, resulting in optimum temperatures and wave conditions. Thanks to its rock-free waters, Mui Ne Beach is great for swimming, kitesurfing, kayaking, surfing and kitesurfing. Numerous food carts and local restaurants are also set along the beach, offering authentic Vietnamese dishes and fresh seafood at affordable prices.